Lisbon, Portugal

Top Things To Do in Lisbon

One of the biggest perks of Lisbon is its cost of vacationing. Yes, you might pay a hefty sum getting to this city in Portugal, but once you’re here, you’ll pay next to nothing (especially compared to other European destinations) for nice accommodations, meals and attractions. Plus, much of this city’s allure is free and comes in meandering Lisbon’s skinny streets and taking in the sights of gothic cathedrals, quaint shops, interesting museums like Gulbenkian and Chiado’s shopping. Clubbing in Bairro Alto should be high on your list, and these too, are very affordable. You won’t want to miss out on seeing these top attractions: [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”Read More–>” show_less=”Read Less<–” start=”hide”]


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