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10 Things to Know About Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is one of those things that frugal people are divided on. As is the case with many types of insurance, some people argue that it’s worth the cost it saves you down the line and others say that it’s a waste of money. That’s something that you really need to decide for yourself. It helps to know what you’re dealing with. Following you’ll find ten important things to know about travel insurance to aid you in making a decision about this issue.

  1. Good travel insurance pays for trip problems, emergency issues on the road and even medical payments that come up. For travel insurance to be worth it, it needs to cover a diverse range of expenses that might come up when you travel. The very basic thing that it should cover is reimbursement of the amount you spent on the trip in case the trip is canceled or cut short. However, it should also cover 24-hour roadside assistance during the trip, reimbursement for unexpected trip expenses that arise during your travels and some medical coverage such as emergency medical transportation and care. Other things that may be covered include lost baggage, emergency dental care and the cost of transporting your personal vehicle home if you took it on the trip and an emergency prevents you from taking it back yourself.
  2. Travel insurance can be a substitute for car rental insurance. Many types of travel insurance cover issues related to the loss or damage of a rental car. That means that if you do decide to get travel insurance then you may not need to get car rental insurance. Knowing this can help you save money.
  3. Tragic flight accidents may result in travel insurance benefits. We all hope that we’ll never be inside of a plane that crashes. If you do, however, then your travel insurance can become useful. It can serve as a type of disability insurance if you lose your sight, limbs, etc. It can also serve as a type of life insurance that benefits your loved ones if you die in a plane crash.
  4. You can choose a plan that will let you select your medical care provider. If you’re traveling to a destination where you may not find the most up-to-date medical care then you want to look for a trip insurance plan that doesn’t select the hospital for you but instead lets you choose your own provider. If the plan says that you must go to the “nearest hospital” then be wary because the nearest hospital in a developing nation may not be what you want in an emergency. Look instead for medical evacuations that give you some choice and control.
  5. It’s best to get your trip insurance within two weeks of paying your trip deposit. In most cases, you are actually allowed to buy travel insurance as close to the date of travel as the day before you leave. However, you often get the best coverage if you buy the insurance within the week or two after paying your deposit. For example, if you have a pre-existing condition that you want covered in this insurance then you usually have to get the insurance soon after booking the trip.
  6. You may not get all of your money back when you cancel a trip. Most travel insurance offers you a full refund of your money if you cancel a trip for very specific reasons such as needing to appear for jury duty or having your destination receive a terrorist warning. If you cancel for a random reason then you may not get the full amount back. You can buy better insurance that allows you to cancel for virtually any reason but of course it’s going to cost you more.
  7. Your electronics items may not be fully covered. If you’re someone who takes a lot of pricey gadgets on the road with you then you may want to consider some type of personal property insurance instead of travel insurance. That’s because nearly all policies limit the reimbursement of electronics to $500. Unless you’ve got a cheap laptop, that’s probably not going to help you out if it does get stolen during your trip.
  8. Travel insurance can be smart if you’re working with a supplier that may go out of business. You can sometimes get great travel deals by working with companies that are on the verge of collapse. However, you’re risking the chance that the company will go out of business before you take your trip. Travel insurance that covers supplier default will allow you to take advantage of these deals while protecting you in case the company goes belly up.
  9. You may or may not have to pay a deductible. As with other types of insurance, the deductible amount may affect the price of the insurance.
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