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What is the best resort in the Caribbean?

I get this question a lot. The short answer? None. Long answer: There isn’t one resort that absolutely everyone loves. They all have their pros and cons on various levels. That’s why I try to go on site inspections as often as possible, so that I could identify each family’s / couple’s unique vacation vision and quote / recommend properties that best fit their expectations. Sometimes people strongly care about the beach while others only want the pool. Some want gourmet meals and / or top shelf alcohol, while others don’t drink at all. Some want personalized service, luxury, rooms that can accommodate large parties, certain inclusions or amenities, such as tennis courts, casino, kids’ club, teen activities, water sports, spa, smoker friendly, LGBT friendly, topless, clothing optional, or something even more spicy, huge property or intimate, etc. The list goes on… Not to mention that resort are on different price levels, which also has to be taken into consideration. I can usually find the best Caribbean destination and resort for anyone after identifying their preferences, but a blanket statement best resort doesn’t exist.

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